iPhone Product Rendering Masterclass

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iPhone Product Rendering Masterclass

Nikita Kapustin
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iPhone Product Rendering Masterclass

Introducing the Product Rendering Masterclass – the most comprehensive online course for 3D artists and designers who want to take their 3D skills to the next level and create photorealistic renders that stand out in the competitive freelance industry.

This course is designed to guide you through the entire production process, from modeling to texturing, lighting, look development, rendering, concepting, post-production, and compositing. You’ll learn all the techniques how to create high-quality photorealistic product renderings. This knowledge you can perfectly implement then in your animations as well. And finally, you will be able to charge very high prices for this kind of quality and amaze your clients.

Part 1: Modeling iPhone 14 Pro

● How to model perfect 1:1 iPhone 14 Pro
● 100% SubD modeling
● 100% Clean topology & mesh
● Easy to follow step by steps ● Every part separate
● 6 Modules
● Length: 185min+

Part 2: Texturing & Materials

● How to create photo-realistic Materials & Textures fast & simple
● 100% from scratch
● Easy to follow step by steps
● 3 Modules
● Length: 60min+

Part 3: Apple iPhone Product Rendering

● 100% Recreating original iPhone Product Renderings
● Advanced Lighting, Rendering & Compositing made easy
● Working with Render Passes
● Professional Compositing in Photoshop
● Easy to follow step by steps
● 7 Modules
● Length: 136min+

In this part, we will create 3 different lighting setups and 3 individual renderings. We will then compose those renderings in Photoshop together as we can get only that way the desired result.

Part 4: Modeling Exact 1:1 iPhone Case

● Modeling exact 1:1 iPhone case
● Fits 100% perfectly to the iPhone without overlapping etc…
● Mostly clean topology
● Advanced hard surface modeling techniques
● Easy to follow step by steps
● 5 Modules
● Length: 105min+

Part 5: Main Product Rendering

● 5+ hours Content
● Full progress of:
● Creating Concept with AI (Midjourney)
● Scene Block Out
● Creating Environment
● Screen Wallpaper texturing
● Color adjustments
● Compositing theory
● Render Passes
● Compositing / Post-Production

Students Results & Feedback

Abhilash was able to create these absolutely crazy beautiful product renderings just after 2 weeks. It looks absolutely professional and high-quality. Beautiful lighting, compositing, materials and post-editing.

Abhilash’s Product Rendering skills BEFORE the Masterclass

Check out Kushagra

His renders before the Masterclass

More Feedback


As the new amazing 3D Modeling software Plasticity is on its rise and I use it myself a lot I have also included my Plasticity 3D iPhone Product Design Modeling course for free.

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Write me an email to nikita@nikitakapustin.com

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