Product Rendering Masterclass (Cinema 4D & Octane Render)

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Learn how to elevate your freelance 3D career in the product commercial industry with Cinema 4D & Octane Render

This 13+ hour masterclass, specifically tailored for freelance 3D artists, walks you through the entire production process, from foundational principles to advanced rendering techniques. Each section is meticulously designed for clarity, ensuring you grasp both the 'why' and the 'how'. This is not just another course—it's your comprehensive roadmap to mastering the professional 3D product rendering pipeline.

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In this course, you will:

Precision Modeling Techniques:
Master subdivision-ready modeling with a focus on 100% quad-based topology, and recreate the iPhone 14 Pro model to perfection.

Advanced Material Creation:
Delve into the art of crafting photorealistic, high-quality materials and textures that elevate the realism of your designs.

Customized Product Design:
Hone your skills to create an impeccable iPhone case using advanced subdivision modeling techniques, tailored for real-world client needs.

Lighting & Rendering Mastery:
Dive deep into advanced lighting and rendering techniques to reproduce a 1:1 original Apple product rendering, accentuated by lessons on crafting natural environments and plants.

Post-Production Proficiency:
Gain insights into using advanced render and lighting passes, transitioning into professional compositing and post-production in Photoshop.

Holistic Scene Development:
Cover the A to Z of creating a captivating scene, from establishing a natural ambiance to mastering professional framing and compositing, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the entire production process."

Course Content 📦

Structured meticulously across five main segments, this course bridges the realms of theoretical foundations and professional execution. It is carefully tailored to deliver a deep understanding while simultaneously advancing your hands-on skills in each specific domain of 3D design for the iPhone and its surroundings.

Part 1: iPhone SubD Modeling

Step into the precision world of 3D design with a keen focus on the iPhone. This module dives deep into the nuances of achieving a 1:1 representation, employing advanced subdivision-ready modeling techniques with an emphasis on 100% quad-based topology. By the end of this section, recreating the intricate details of the iPhone 14 Pro will be second nature.

Part 2: Photorealistic Material Creation

Navigate the realm of material design tailored specifically for the iPhone. Understand and replicate the iconic finish, texture, and reflectivity that sets Apple products apart. Grasp the art of crafting photorealistic materials, ensuring your 3D model isn't just structurally accurate but also visually indistinguishable from the real deal.
(Image below are just the materials without lighting applied - that will follow in the next parts)

Part 3: Lighting and Compositing - Apple's Signature Render

Illuminate your iPhone model by recreating Apple's signature product rendering. This module deciphers the enigma behind the pristine lighting and compositing that Apple is renowned for. With a blend of advanced lighting techniques and expert compositing practices, your renderings will mirror the allure of Apple's product showcases.

In this part, we will create 3 different lighting setups and 3 individual renderings. We will then compose those renderings in Photoshop together as we can get only that way the desired result.

Part 4: iPhone Case Design

Shift your focus to the protective elegance of iPhone cases. Here, you'll deploy specialized subdivision modeling techniques to conceive a perfect case, ready for real-world applications and tailored to meet potential client specifications. This module transforms theory into tangible product design.

Part 5: iPhone Scene Development

In this extensive module, spanning over 5+ hours, we journey through the meticulous process of scene development. We commence with a unique approach by drafting our scene using AI-based tools for concept creation, laying a solid foundation for what's to come. As we proceed, the primary scene structures are set, while crafting an environment that accentuates the iPhone's aesthetic and integrating a captivating wallpaper texture for its display. The module emphasizes ensuring harmony in the color palette, providing a cohesive visual experience.

Further enriching the learning curve, we delve deep into the nuances of compositing, starting with its foundational theories. Breaking down the rendering process, we explore the power of render passes, offering unparalleled control over each layer. The culmination of the module lies in the art of post-production. Here, students will masterfully blend and refine all scene elements, achieving a polished, professional, and harmonious final render.

+ helpful bonuses you’ll get 🎁

✅ Full project files Cinema4D / Octane Materials

✅ OBJ/FBX 3D models with textures

✅ Reference images from all perspectives for easy following along

✅ Octane Materials

✅ EXR/PSD Render Passes

✅ Tons of theoretical learnings & lessons on compositing / framing

✅ Community Support

What you will achieve with this course?

This iPhone Product Rendering Masterclass will help you to:

💎 Rapid Professional Product Rendering:

Equip yourself with the skills to produce professional product renderings in just a few weeks, mastering the intricacies of modeling, shading, textures, and more.

💎 Full-Spectrum 3D Production Mastery:

Grasp every facet of the 3D production pipeline. From precise product modeling to advanced compositing and post-production, leave no stone unturned.

💎 Elevate Your Freelance Earnings:

With these newfound capabilities, justify and charge significantly higher prices for your freelance 3D projects, enhancing your market value.

💎 Portfolio Perfection:

Craft a robust, professional portfolio showcasing your expertise, making you a preferred choice for high-value projects.

💎 Insider Expertise from a Pro:

Gain insights from an experienced freelancer who's not only achieved an annual revenue of $60,000 but is also committed to sharing every nugget of wisdom without holding back any secrets.

Course Content:

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Case Studies of student's

✅ Caste Study Nr.1 Abhilash Aggarwal

He was able to create these absolutely stunning product renderings just after 1 week. It looks absolutely professional and high-quality. Beautiful lighting, compositing, materials and post-editing.

Abhilash’s Product Rendering skills BEFORE the Masterclass

Abhilash’s Product Rendering skills AFTER the Masterclass

Check his portfolio out, which he created after taking the course and pursue a professional freelance business:

✅ Caste Study Nr.2 Kushagra Hingle

His renders before the Masterclass:

His renders after a few weeks without any prior experience:

Check his portfolio out, which he created after taking the course and pursue a professional freelance business:

Frequently asked questions 💬

What exactly is the point of the course?

This course is your streamlined route to mastering the art of iPhone rendering and lighting in Cinema 4D & Octane Render. Save hours wading through isolated tutorials; this is the comprehensive, start-to-finish solution designed especially for freelance 3D artists keen on professional product rendering.

I’m a complete beginner. Will this course help me?

This course is intended for those already familiar with the basic operations of Cinema 4D & Octane Render. If you're comfortable with the foundational aspects, this course will intensify and polish your knowledge.

How is it different from other courses?

Unlike typical courses, this one delves deep into the specifics of iPhone rendering, offering both intricate techniques and clear instructions. Each module is crafted for optimal learning, eliminating needless fillers. Among iPhone rendering courses, this sets the benchmark.

Will this course elevate my freelance career?

Absolutely. Mastering the techniques in this course not only allows you to create professional-grade renderings but also boosts your potential to earn more in the freelance market, given the specialized nature of the skill.

The course isn't resonating with me. Can I get a refund?

Of course. If the course doesn't meet your expectations, simply reach out within 14 days. Email me, and I'll ensure a full refund is processed. Do note: refunds apply if less than 50% of the content has been consumed, as monitored by our admin panel.

I have more questions. How can I get answers?

Anytime you have queries or seek further clarity, just drop a line at I'm always here to support your learning journey.

Level up your professional & photo-realistic Product Rendering Skills with this Masterclass. Enroll today.

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Master the end-to-end process of 3D product rendering with thiscomprehensive course, where you'll create photorealistic iPhone visuals like a pro.

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Bonuses (Project files, references, etc.)
No Fast-Forward / Silent gaps
Super enthusiastic teacher
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Product Rendering Masterclass (Cinema 4D & Octane Render)

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