Plasticity | Industrial Design Course

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Learn how to master Surface Modeling in Plasticity with Industrial Product Design.

Tap into your potential with this Plasticity course by experiencing cutting-edge industrial design and advanced surface modeling. Why focus on power tools? They offer the perfect blend of form and intricate details. Far from just another course, this is your transformative guide to pushing the limits of Plasticity. Let's have a look.

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In this course, you will:

Unparalleled Early Access
Be among the first to explore the most advanced Plasticity modeling techniques, right from the software's early stages.

Perfect Surface Modeling
Learn the best surface modeling techniques even faster and easier.

Ultra-Efficient Complex Modeling
Master the art of creating intricate industrial design through highly efficient workflows, making a dramatic impact on your design speed.

Achieve Unmatched Excellence
Complete the course with the skills to create models that are not just exceptional but also highlight a level of craftsmanship and aesthetics that sets you apart from 98% of people.

Ultimate Comprehensive Learning
Experience a perfectly curated & focused course, bringing your skills to new heights.

Course Variations 📦

Select the bundle that best suits your needs. I've designed three unique packages to align with your learning objectives.

✅ BONUS Course: Surface Modeling Essentials

Starting and diving into the theoretical teachings of surface modeling. From tangency to the intricacies of G0 to G3 curvatures, this section lays the groundwork. Additionally, engage in practical exercises practicing core surface modeling fundamentals and learn the art of seamlessly connecting different objects with surfaces.

Design A: Glue Gun Design

Embark on a journey into advanced aesthetics with a glue pistol based on Adrian Mankovecky's concept. This isn't just another design; it's an exploration into advanced surface techniques. You'll master the art of creating smooth, harmonious shapes, pushing the limits of what's possible in Plasticity.

Design B: Advanced Nail Gun Design

Elevate your skills with this unparalleled drill design, advancing from Design A's foundations. Dive deeper into Adrian Mankovecky's vision, exploring significant mechanical details and intricate surface connections. This is more than just modeling; it's a mastery class in integrating complex elements smoothly and efficiently in Plasticity.

Design C: Professional Power Drill Design

Embrace next-level complexity with a drill inspired by Christopher Cate. This is more than just a design; it's an exploration of the full potential of Plasticity. Loaded with unique forms and complex cuts, this project highlights the ultimate highlight in surface modeling. Push your skills to new limits, mastering intricate detailing and advanced techniques.

+ helpful bonuses you’ll get 🎁

✅ NEW (nowhere shown) developed techniques & workflows

✅ Bonus course: Full introduction into Surface Modeling

✅ Bonus course: How to learn & practice effectively

✅ Full Plasticity project files

✅ Full short-cut sheet PDF

✅ OBJ 3D models

✅ Reference images from all perspectives for easy following along

✅ Community Support

What you will achieve with this course?

The "Advanced Surface Modeling in Plasticity with Industrial Product Design" course will empower you to:

💎 Pro Techniques & Modern Insight

Explore exclusive, advanced workflows in Plasticity and modern design principles.

💎 Speed and Capability:

Quickly craft intricate models using state-of-the-art techniques, maximizing performance.

💎 Advanced Modeling Excellence:

Create complex power tools, balancing technical precision with innovative design.

💎 Comprehensive Learning Journey:

Benefit from a streamlined course, your go-to guide for advanced Plasticity modeling.

💎 Rise Above the Competition:

Finish with skills that set you above 98% of the field, positioning you as an expert.

Course Modules 🎥

Recognized by the design community 🙋‍♂️

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Frequently asked questions 💬

Where is the difference between the different versions?

Starter Course Includes: Design A (Glue Gun)
Pro Bundle Includes: Design A (Glue Gun) + Design B (Nail Gun)
Ultimate Bundle: Design A (Glue Gun) + Design B (Nail Gun) + Design C (Power Drill)

Below this FAQ is also an image that shows the different designs that are included in the different versions.

What exactly is the point of the course?

This course serves as your end-to-end guide for mastering advanced surface modeling in Plasticity, cutting down the time you'd spend on piecemeal tutorials. It's your one-stop solution for elevating your Plasticity skills to a professional level.

Is This Course Suitable for Beginners?
The course is designed for individuals who already have a foundational knowledge of Plasticity and some experience of surface modeling techniques. If you're comfortable with the basic/intermediate functionalities of the software, this course will refine and advance your capabilities. If you're new to Plasticity, consider taking one of my beginner courses to build a solid base first.

Which Plasticity license/version do I need?

This course requires an Indie license. You can follow along with every Plasticity version from 1.2 and above. If you have the Studio license, everything is the same for you and you can follow along as well.

How is it different from other courses?

This course transcends the usual offerings. Every module is fully narrated and edited, explaining both advanced techniques and easy-to-understand explanations. In the realm of Plasticity modeling courses, this stands out as a gold standard.

Will this course help me to make money?

Indeed. By mastering advanced modeling techniques taught in this course, you'll be equipped to monetize your skills, be it by selling 3D models on marketplaces or taking up freelance opportunities.

The course is not for me, can I get my money back?
If you find yourself unsatisfied for any reason, please don't hesitate to reach out within 14 days. Just send me an email, and I will process a full refund. No questions asked.

Course Completion:
Refunds are only applicable if less than 50% of the course has been watched. Our admin panel tracks course progression, and this will be the basis for eligibility.

I still have some questions. What should I do?

No worries at all! If you have any further queries or need clarification on any aspect of the course, please don't hesitate to reach out. Drop me an email at, and I'll be more than happy to assist you.

I want this!

You'll get the chance to master Plasticity, create stunning 3D models, and elevate your surface modeling skills to new heights.

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12+ hours
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Fully narated & edited
100% Money-Back-Guarantee
Super enthusiastic teacher
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Plasticity | Industrial Design Course

17 ratings
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