Plasticity 3D Headphones Product Modeling & Rendering Course

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Discover Intermediate Surface Modeling in Plasticity, focusing on lofting and intricate surface design techniques.

Embark on a dedicated exploration of Plasticity, honing intermediate-level skills, such as lofting and nuanced surface modeling. As you work through the course, you'll craft a detailed In-Ear Headphone design. Each lesson delves deep into the 'how' and 'why' of every technique, providing a streamlined pathway to heightened expertise in Plasticity."

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In this course, you will:

Modeling Mastery:
Dive into Plasticity, mastering diverse modeling techniques to craft modern industrial designs that resonate.

In-Depth Design:
Embark on a comprehensive journey as you design, model, and refine a detailed In-Ear headphones, capturing every intricate detail.

Structured Learning:
Benefit from a meticulously planned curriculum that guides you effortlessly from fundamental concepts to hands-on application.

Real-World Application:
Empower yourself with tangible skills and insights that can be directly applied to meet industry requirements and standards.

Course Content 📦

Make a step into Product design & modeling in Plasticity. In this course you will learn how to dive deeper into Plasticities powerful tools like "loft" "patching" working with "curves" and "sheets".

As a beginner you will get a smooth introduction into the most powerful and versatile CAD 3D modeling technique called "Surface Modeling". Which is widely used for product design.

To summarize, this course will cover all of the essential beginner techniques & workflows as well as additionally implement basics of Surface modeling.

Final Product Rendering

+ helpful bonuses you’ll get 🎁

✅ Full Plasticity project file

✅ .obj export

✅ Community support

What you will achieve with this course?

The "Plasticity In-Ear Headphone Design Course" empowers you to:

💎 Beginner-Intermediate 3D Modeling Techniques:

Dive deep into the multifaceted world of Plasticity, mastering a spectrum of modeling techniques essential for crafting modern industrial designs. Learn widely used lofting & surface modeling techniques

💎 Strengthening fundamentals

It's extremely important to have a solid understanding of the most commonly used tools in Plasticity. This course covers all of them, so you can get confident while using Plasticity.

💎 Structured and Direct Learning:

Benefit from a clear, well-organized content, making this course a definitive guide to product design modeling in Plasticity.

Course Modules

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🚀 Bundle Offer

This course is available with 2 additional Beginner Courses in the "Beginner Super Bundle". Master all basics & core fundamentals of Plasticity with this bundle and start to create your own products & concept design.

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Frequently asked questions 💬

I'm just starting out. Is this course suitable for me?

The course dives into beginner-intermediate techniques. Absolute Basic familiarity with Plasticity is helpful. But the course is like every other course & tutorial 100%-step-by-step and every action is explained in detail to make sure everyone can follow along.

How does this course differentiate from others?

This course offers focused learning on in-ear headphone design. Lessons are thorough, blending strategies with clear explanations—making it a standout in 3D design tutorials.

Can this course aid in my professional journey?

Yes. Mastering these techniques positions you for potential income avenues, be it through selling designs, freelancing, or leveling up your portfolio.

Which Plasticity license/version do I need?

You can follow along with every Plasticity version from 1.2 and above as well as 2024+ versions. If you have the Studio license, everything is the same for you and you can follow along as well.

If I find the course unsuitable, can I request a refund?

Yes. Contact within 14 days for a refund, but note that it's applicable only if less than 50% of the course has been viewed. Our dashboard tracks user progress for eligibility.

Don't wait; sign up for the Plasticity Product Design Course today and take your 3D modeling/lighting skills to the next level!

If there are any questions left or you have any feedback: Please feel free to reach out to me via email:

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Plasticity 3D Headphones Product Modeling & Rendering Course

10 ratings
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